Trading conditions for companies applicable from 1 June 2022


Below are trading conditions for companies applicable from 1 June 2022.


Offers are made on the basis of the trading conditions applicable at any time. All offers are excl. VAT and only valid upon written acceptance within 14 days from the date of dispatch. Offers that are not accepted no later than 14 days after being sent will be void, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The CV-match service includes the Company purchasing CVforum's help in creating a pool of pre-qualified candidates in relation to a specific job, with whom the Company then has the right to engage in dialogue and hire as necessary.

That the candidates are pre-qualified means that CVforum has carried out an individual pre-interview, with a view to assessing their suitability and interest for the job to be filled.

The assessment is carried out virtually and CVforum has therefore not met the candidates in person.

The candidates are provided on a separate online list. When the list is ready, CVforum sends a login that gives the Company access to the candidates' full CV, contact data and report.

With login, the candidates automatically consent to the Company contacting them directly.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the pool contains from 2 to 4 candidates.

Content of the performance

  1. The company submits a requirement specification
  2. CVforum prepares specified job description and contact material
  3. CVforum searches for and contacts candidates who match the requirements
  4. Potentially suitable candidates are screened
  5. The candidate pool is created with 2 – 4 candidates
  6. The company receives a login to the pool
  7. The company engages in dialogue with the candidates and hires as needed
  8. CVforum rejects the rest of the candidates in the pool


For each CV match that is initiated, the Company is obliged to pay a previously agreed start-up fee which is invoiced on the date of acceptance of the submitted offer.

For each candidate employed from the pool, the Company is also obliged to pay a previously agreed recruiting fee, which is invoiced on the date of agreement on employment.

The employment date is considered to be the time of the company's oral or written agreement or declaration of intent to the candidate regarding permanent employment, project employment, limited-time employment, full-time or part-time employment, flex-job, flexible job, subsidized internship, job trial, apprenticeship, freelance or invoicing-based collaboration.

The company is obliged to pay the recruitment fee regardless of whether it knows the candidates in advance through e.g. own search in the CV database, external databases, networks, directly received application or by direct contact with the Company.

The obligation to pay for hiring candidates from the pool applies for 180 days from the date the company gains access to the pool and regardless of whether the company no longer has access to the pool.

The company is obliged to inform CVforum which candidates are employed. CVforum also has the right to carry out checks by direct contact with the candidates.

CVforum does not offer a replacement guarantee for employed candidates. The company cannot therefore withhold payment, demand compensation or in any other way obtain compensation for paid start-up and recruitment fees even if an employed candidate from the pool does not complete the job.

Candidates from the pool may only be employed in the Company's own organisation, group, sister or subsidiary companies and associated companies.

The candidates may not be forwarded to third parties without prior written agreement with CVforum.


CVforum has full copyright, access and all other rights to its data, including the right to personal data and other data collected and stored in connection with the services. CVforum thus owns and is responsible for the personal data that is processed in connection with the services.

The company has the right to use CVforum's services to the extent and under the applicable conditions, including the right to access the relevant personal data. The company is independently responsible for the personal data received from CVforum.

After disclosure to the Company, CVforum continues to store and process the disclosed data and personal data in connection with its services. CVforum thus retains ownership of all data in connection with the services and continues to be the independent data controller for personal data that CVforum processes in connection with the services.

The company itself is responsible for its own data being correct.

All data is stored and protected on an encrypted server.


All amounts are excl. VAT.

The normal credit period for the purchase of services at CVforum is net cash 8 days from the invoice date.

In case of late payment, CVforum reserves the right to charge a reminder fee of DKK 250 per month started.


The company can delete its user profile itself. Upon deletion, all data, CVs, requests, candidate pools, reports etc. are deleted. and the Company must then start all over again if it wants to use CVforum's services again. automatically deletes inactive user profiles after two years.


Any disputes are dealt with by a Danish court and according to Danish law.


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