Recruitment Counselling

Recruitment Counselling

Optimizing your company's attraction power

Can you attract the people you need, or are you suffering from a lack of the right people?

And what about retention? Do you have a healthy balance in your employee turnover or are you slowly draining the knowledge and experience that underpins your production?

Do you dream of attracting the best, while only the unsuitable apply?

Some call it Employer Branding. Instead, we call the solution Staffing Consultancy, because creating new narratives about existing conditions is rarely enough. A company's internal conditions for attracting and retaining the right employees need to be thoroughly reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted before sustainable progress can be made.

This includes the quality of leadership, the way people work together, the processes and the development conditions available.

When a company fails to attract and retain the right people, it quickly costs growth and profitability. Figures show that up to 70 percent of companies in the manufacturing sector suffer from a lack of employees to the extent that they have to cancel or turn down orders.

That's what our consulting is all about. Gradually increasing your company's ability to attract and retain the right people. It's a process that is very much about aiming right from the beginning - starting in the right place and then working systematically forward over time.

Our consulting starts with an analysis and ends with an action plan ready for implementation. We don't want to be left behind in the process, so we do everything we can to get your business moving in the right direction quickly.

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