Chemical company

The company is specialized in products that contribute to promoting quality and productivity within chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Demand is steadily increasing and there is a continuous need for new employees.

The company is a subsidiary of an American company.


As a Research Scientist, you will be part of the R&D group consisting of chemists and chemical engineers. A significant part of the work will deal with the evaluation, maturation and scaling of processes and manufacturing methods with a view to establishing material productions.

You must be prepared that the tasks will be variable, distributed between theory and desk work as well as practical laboratory and pilot activities, and thus be able to thrive under these conditions.

Task examples:

  • Project-oriented work
  • Theoretical and practical evaluation and maturation of synthesis processes, including identification and optimization of aspects that make manufacturing and further scaling difficult, or challenge product requirements, e.g. process design, raw materials, working environment
  • Plan, describe and conduct practical work in a laboratory and pilot scale, e.g. synthesis and analysis work in connection with the production and characterization of materials
  • Process and report experimental observations and results
  • Document and design technical descriptions

This includes collaborating and communicating in interdisciplinary groups across the organization and with external partners and customers.


  • Education as a chemist or chemical engineer or Ph.d. within a relevant subject area
  • Experienced in synthesis work
  • Confident in relation to laboratory activities
  • Methodical and solution oriented
  • Danish and English written and spoken

In addition, you must be able to work independently as well as handle tasks of a different nature.


You are employed on white-collar terms with a salary matched to your qualifications, supplemented by a pension and health insurance.

In addition, you will get 5 extra holidays annually.

37 hours per week with flexible meeting times.

The company is located north of Copenhagen.

Joining as soon as possible.

Regular interviews are held for the job.


CVforum is responsible for the first part of the recruitment.

Submit your application using this JOBLINK

If you are already registered in our CV-database and have the right profile, you will automatically be contacted by us.

Regular interviews are held for the job.

Application deadline 8 September 2023


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