The shortest way to great professionals and specialists

CV-match is a mini-headhunting where we track, contact and pre-qualify candidates fit for the specific job available to be occupied in your company.

The candidates are presented online in an overall list showing their CV and a report from our screening.

When the list is ready you will receive a login and then be able to proceed with the hiring process.

We will present 2-4 candidates per job.


The price covers a start-up fee which includes creation of job and personality profile as well as preparation of the contact phase.

In addition to that is a recruiting fee for each candidate you hire from the list.


  • High job match and hit accuracy
  • The candidates are presented in a joint online list                    
  • Standardised process which complies with GDPR
  • The list is ready in 8 – 10 workdays
  • Fair price

See our Terms and Conditions or contact us on +45 66 806 150 for further information, offers etc.