We offer outplacement programs for terminated employees.

The programs are paid by the company that terminates the employees.

The focus in the programs are on two areas.

One area applies to the human factor like the mental readiness to suddenly being a job seeker. The second area is about the process of seeking a job, establish and maintaining speed and direction in the efforts and quickly get progression in the results. Both areas are equally important, but the stakes are often different.

The programs consist of 8 separate fo­cus areas that are weighted differently according to the specific requirements.

They are held as individual confidential physical meetings with a permanent consult­ant on locations in Hillerød, Roskilde or Viborg.


  • Physical 1-1 meetings with a permanent consultant
  • Separate focus areas weighted differently according to the demand
  • Proceeds till the employees have got a new job

For further information, detailed program description etc. do not hesitate to contact us on phone +45 6680 6150 or